7 College Myths

Written on September 3, 2013 – 12:00 pm | by admin

1) Employers Look Down on an Online Education

Once this may have been true, but the growth of online education and the race into the online market by Ivy League universities has changed that perception. Employers know that accredited online colleges and the degrees they provide meet the same requirements as their more conventional, campus based counterparts. In fact, Many employers may value the flexibility and resourcefulness an online education suggests.

2) Online Courses are an Isolated Learning Experience

Some students fear that an online learning experience will be lonely or more difficult due to lack of interaction. In reality, an extensive set of tools, like discussion boards, chat, and video conferencing are available in online courses to make social interaction as easy as anywhere else on the web. Many students even find this to be a more comfortable and productive format for communication than standard classrooms.

3) Online Classes are Easy

A lot of students expecting an easy alternative to campus courses find the online equivalent to be more demanding. Time management skills and the ability to self-motivate are essential to success in an online environment. There are still due dates, extensive reading assignments, and hours of studying that require a high level of discipline, especially away from the authority figures present to motivate traditional students.

4) There’s No Personal Attention / The Professor is Inaccessible

Here, there is no difference between accredited online colleges and other college experiences. Some professors are distant; others work to make themselves available. Most professors teaching online courses will log on every day and check their messages. They will also tend to reply quickly. Some professors even set up virtual office hours, when you can reach them through real time chat or by phone.

5) Online Classes Take Less Time

While online classes are usually more flexible, the classes are designed to require the same amount of time as traditional classes. However, you can expect to save time by ditching the commute. Always Make sure you can participate in any mandatory online discussion sessions, if the professor requires them.

6) It’s Easy to Cheat Online

There is a wide breadth of sophisticated tools that universities can choose from to catch plagiarism and other forms of cheating. You can be sure that any of the accredited online colleges or institutions out there are using them.

7) You Need to be a Computer Whiz

It’s true that no one is going to teach you how to turn on your computer, send an email, or access the internet, but most online courses have established user-friendly interfaces. They have had years to tweak learning management systems to be intuitive for the vast majority of students. 

How Cruise Lines Are Tightening their Smoking Regulations

Written on March 16, 2013 – 5:46 am | by admin

One of the reasons that many consumers are choosing to switch from traditional cigarettes to eCigarettes has to do with the bans that are currently in place on smoking. Many restaurants, stadiums, airports and even parks have banned smoking in public leaving consumers who smoke to wonder where they are permitted to do so today.

Many cruise lines have recently begun to tighten their smoking belts as well. Princess Cruise Lines no longer allows its passengers to smoke on balconies or in state rooms which means that smokers actually have nowhere to go and this rule applies to crew members as well. Carnival, Norwegian and Holland America cruise lines are also banning smoking from their ships. Of course, these bans are not without studies to back them up. Consumer studies have been conducted and show that only a small number of passengers smoked anyway on some cruise lines so these lines have decided to just eliminate it all together.

The number of consumers who smoke on cruise lines has actually been falling steadily over the past few years. Less than 20 percent of adults in the United States are now smoking in total so the numbers who take cruises are certainly going to be low. There are however, many consumers who do still smoke and some of them are certain to enjoy a nice cruise from time to time. With the bans, consumers have begun to wonder if they will be permitted to enjoy vaping on these cruise lines.

This actually depends on the specific cruise line in question. Some cruise lines feel that electronic cigarettes are the same as tobacco based cigarettes and are asking that passengers not use these vaping products in areas where smoking is banned. Some others however, have noted the differences in smoking and vaping and are allowing eCigarettes to be used in areas where they do not allow smoking. Passengers can use eCigarettes in staterooms, on balconies and even in restaurants on some cruise ships.

Princess Cruise Lines allow eCigarette use in staterooms although they do restrict their use in theaters and in dining rooms. Carnival Cruise Lines has set up designed smoking areas and only allows eCigarettes to be used in these areas where they allow traditional tobacco smoking. Carnival has stated that they feel eCigarettes are new and until there is more general knowledge about them, they cannot allow consumers to use them other than in designated areas.

There are still a number of misconceptions about the eCigarette industry in general and many consumers are not aware of how they are even used. Cruise lines are certainly no different although there are many that are opening up to the idea of allowing eCigarette users to enjoy their vaping experience and without being restricted to certain smoking designated areas. This may change in the future as more and more studies are done on eCigarettes and as the FDA begins to more thoroughly regulate the industry as a whole. Those who are planning to take a cruise should check with the cruise line to learn more about their regulations regarding eCigarette use.

Social Marketing and the Penguin Update

Written on January 7, 2013 – 5:08 pm | by admin

Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have forever changed how SEO is done. Search engine optimization is critical for any site that wants to be seen but the introduction of these new updates have made it a bit more difficult for many websites to keep up. The updates have made it important for sites to offer engaging and interesting content that not only supports their business but adds something of value as well.

So how does social marketing work into the mix? Social marketing is an important part of any good SEO strategy. If you have pages on social sites then you know how much traffic you can gain from these sites alone, without even considering backlinks and other sources. Actually, the updates will make it a bit easier for you to gain visibility on social sites. When visitors come across interesting information on your site, they are likely going to share that information on their social media sites. Your website could get mass exposure on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other popular sites simply because you have taken the time to write a good article.

Even if you are not an experienced SEO blogger, you can still provide Google with the content that it wants to see and your readers with something that they want to share. You just have to take the time to write up interesting content and avoid things like keyword stuffing that incidentally could get you penalized by Google. Take some time to prepare your social media pages as well. Interacting with your visitors is more important now than ever before. Make any changes that you feel are necessary and you can even ask your page fans what they would like to see with regards to information on your site. There are a number of ways that these new updates are going to benefit websites, you simply have to embrace the changes and learn how to keep your readers and Google satisfied.

How to Choose a Copier for Your Business

Written on November 5, 2012 – 7:57 am | by admin

If you own a business, there are a number of electronics and appliances that you will ultimately need to purchase. For many business owners, buying a copier is one of the most difficult decisions because there are a number of choices available. It can be difficult to determine which specific copier is best for your unique business needs.

Given the different brands, sizes and types of copy machines on the market today, it is essential that you first understand specifically what you need before you begin shopping. Think about whether or not you can work with only black and white copies or if you need a copier that provides color copies as well. Copiers that provide color documents will need more maintenance and require a larger number of toner cartridges so if you are looking to save money, black and white copiers may be best. If however you have to have color copies, you can still look for the most inexpensive copier to purchase and to maintain.

Determine what output speed you require. Some machines may only give you up to 30 copies per minute with many only offering up to 10 cpm. High speed copiers are a bit more expensive but will produce more than 100 copies per minute in most cases. Average machines give you at least 50 cpm. You may also want to consider what accessories are available with the copier that you are buying. Some models offer a number of additional accessories like paper feed trays, paper sorters, booklet makers and others. Depending on your specific needs, you may have to choose a more expensive model that will provide the accessories you require.

Finally, determine what paper size capabilities you will need. The more basic models offer letter sized paper as well as legal sized papers but there are models that can produce ledger papers and a number of custom sizes that can vary greatly.